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  • Swimming with the Fishes W-E Digest
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What is World-Eats?

Globally Conscious.
We are a grass roots organization.
We care about how the world eats.

From food policy, to food art, to living local.
You deserve to know where your food comes from. How it was grown. How it got on your plate.
We are like a decoder ring helping to decipher the food world.
We're about connecting & communicating. And maybe about world peace. Or world peach, but only if it's in season!

Where is World-Eats?

Locally Inspired.
Everywhere that people eat and drink because we are all eating from Mother Earth.
And if you don't take care of your mother....she gets mean.

Why World-Eats?

We get strength and knowledge when we work together.
People are doing amazing things to make our food systems better.
There is some scary stuff happening.
Let's support each other!

Who is watching over our seafood?

by Virginia Willis

W-E Digest

Why Salmon Matter

From the Makers of the film "The Breach" by Robin Ove

W-E Digest

WE Focus: Calm

A Fine Art Exhibition

W-E Digest

Daily Special

Digging for Dirt!

Digging for Dirt!

Judith Klinger
W-E Digest is seeking contributors to our next issue: “Dirt”. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has declared 2015 as the International Year…

Sonoma’s Mike the Bejkr

Sonoma’s Mike the Bejkr

Erin Jimcosky
How does a Polish boy from South Bend, Indiana grow up to become one of Sonoma County (not to mention the world’s) greatest bread bakers?…


W-E Digest

Swimming with the Fishes
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Our blog about people who are doing things that matter in interesting places. W-E are the storytellers. Who cares about ordinary?

La Vida Local

Meet Our Ambassadors Who are Living & Sharing La Vida Local. From tagine to po'boys to tamales our Ambassadors have it goin' on!

W-E Focus

Food art celebrated in photos, fine art, video and anything else we can think of. Now accepting submissions for W-E Digest.