Judith Klinger
November 5, 2016

The recent earthquakes in central Italy have destroyed many of the towns and villages that produce lentils, chick peas and various legumes, as well as salumi, cheese, truffles etc. These small, mostly family owned businesses need our help.

The following names and addresses of small family farms that sell typical products of Norcia, purchasing them you will make an important contribution to many families in difficulty.

There are people who have these products in their stores and warehouses that are considered at risk of landslide or additional earthquakes, but cannot leave for fear of being robbed of what little they have left. Because in these situations, it is painful to write this, but looting is an issue as people take advantage of others' misfortunes. We can help these families by buying their products.

Please spread this message among friends and family who may be able to purchase some of these products.

Norcia in better days

 ****The links have been removed as there is some indication of inappropriate redirects. Will update as soon as there is more info. Please call the vendors directly.***

Il botteghino della Gricia
Store closed, but available for shipping
Pasta Kit Gricia (vicino Amatrice)
393 446 0526

Macelleria Casale De Li Tappi
Shop open & goods available for shipping
Salumi di Norcia e prodotti dell'Umbria

Norcineria Felici
Available for Shipping
Prodotti di Norcia, Cascia e Umbria

Punto vendita caseificio di Norcia
Formaggio di Norcia, legumi e miele

Norcineria Ulivucci
Available for shipping
Legumi, pasta, olio e vino

Cioccolateria Vetusta Nursia
Available for Shipping

Prodotti tipici di Gaffi
Available for shipping
Legumi, formaggio e altri prodotti di Cascia e dell'Umbria

Il Norcino di Campi di Norcia
Salumi artigianali di Norcia

Norcineria F.lli Ansuini
Salumi di Norcia

Formaggi e salumi

Azienda Agricola Persiani Roberto
Open for shipping
Legumi, patate e zafferano di Cascia

Valle del Sole
Azienda agricola Castelluccio
Available for shipping

Moscatelli tartufi Norcia
Formaggio e tartufi
Open and available for shipping

Norcineria Coccia
Salumi di Norcia
Available for shipping

Prosciutteria del Corso
Salumi di Norcia
Available for shipping

Azienda agricola Sibilla di foglietti Enrico
Available by appointment, and for shipping.
confetture composte salse dolci succhi e sciroppati
[email protected]

Miele il Massaro di Norcia e Castelluccio
Miele, confetture e prodotti derivati
Disponibile per spedizioni e acquisti

Norcia Food Online
Norcinerie, salumi e formaggi
Available for shipping

**Grazie to Luca Rosini for this information.

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