Judith Klinger
May 7, 2015

Ask our Ambassadors!

At World-Eats, our Ambassadors are dedicated, passionate people who are sharing the love of their particular place on our planet.

‘Tis pity we are spread across the globe, otherwise there would be a rowdy dinner party at our house tonight as we introduce our six new Ambassadors. And you know we love a good party! tea glasses

Erin would bring the wine, Jeff would be in charge of special dinner treats, Mely would introduce us to pozol, Catherine would bring the olive oil (of course!), and Connie would make us incredible fresh fish. But what about Kim? Why, she brings that special joie de vivre that comes only from her part of the world! Laissez le bon temps rouler!

For those Ambassadors who’ve been with us since the beginning: Jeff & Mitch, Carolyn, Gary & Linda, you all get to sit back and enjoy the celebration.

I’m learning so much from every Ambassador.

WorldEats-0013There is incredible food being produced, cooked and WEWelcomeNOLA1served all over the world. I heard it time and time again from New York chefs, that they are suddenly having trouble attracting the best and the brightest because the rest of the world is offering chefs amazing ingredients, opportunities and knowledgeable diners.

Yes, there are ‘Food Matters” in every country. Food deserts where people can’t buy fairly priced fresh food. Water is now a precious commodity. Farmers need to make a living wage. But, take heart, there is power in being aware of what is going on in the rest of the world; it means you are part of a global community that river shrimp stewcould bring about change.


If reading all of this makes you want to travel and taste and experience, then bravi! We’ve done our job!

And finally, two of our Ambassadors have had to move on. We wish Kris & Julie all the best. We’ll miss you at the table.

By, Judith Klinger, Founder, World-Eats

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