Jeff Wilson
June 20, 2015

Tagine is a classic Moroccan meal loved by all!

I have lived in Morocco for ten years and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy its flavorful taste. Tagine is simply the name for something that is eaten in tagine dish, which is like a deep plate with a conical lid. Sometimes these dishes are ornate pottery, covered in hand painted designs. Others are practical; their pottery composed so it can sit on an open flame and cook the tagine. Tagine comes in many variations, as it can made of many different meat and fruit combinations. One of the common favorites is chicken and French fries. In this dish, there is chicken with yellow broth, caramelized onions and handmade French fries added on at the end. If you are going to a wedding, you might see something like Beef and Almond which has tender beef stewed until you can pull it apart easily and garnished with roasted almonds.

tagineOne thing all tagines have in common is how they are eaten from a common dish in the middle of the table.

Tables in Morocco are round, allowing for a family to sit around a table and enjoy the tagine right out of the dish. Everyone gets their specific section of the tagine, or their piece of the pie

Generally tagine is placed in the center of the table and around it on smaller plates will be traditional Moroccan salads of multiple flavors and colors

Bread is used as the fork and knife of Morocco.

So tagines are best eaten with bread.

People take a piece of the round flat loaves called khobz and dip it into the dish so as to get the flavor of the broth and the meat  When someone is an expert at eating tagine with bread, they will never allow more than their first two fingers and thumb to touch the broth.  You only use your right hand to take from the center dish according to Moroccan culture.

Although it is rare to find a restaurant that compares to the homemade tagine, I have eaten at some restaurants that do a fantastic job of it. One such restaurant even had 28 perfect Moroccan salads served before the main course! Luckily for many, if you were to go to a Moroccan restaurant, they would provide both plates and silverware. Still, I would encourage you to try the traditional route and experience eating tagine the Moroccan way!


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