Judith Klinger
April 30, 2016

I'm Not Cooking

W-E Digest Seeks Submissions for our Issue 03.
"I'm NOT Cooking" will be an exploration of our relationship to cooking and dining.

Thanks to venture capital and our digital devices there is a boatload of money pouring into the food delivery business.

From complete meals, to the recipes with all the ingredients, to just plain groceries, companies are falling all over themselves to bring the goodies to you door.

Is this a passing trend, or is this 'assisted living' the way of the future?

Is there really that much money to be made?

Restaurants and grocery stores have traditionally operated on razor thin margins, so why is the investment community climbing over each other to deliver your dinner?

As always, W-E Digest is looking for contributors with a unique story to tell in written and spoken words, images, video, fine art or any other form of digital media you can cook up.

Things You Need to Know

Read This: Submission Guidlines
Send pitches & submissions here: submissions [at] world-eats.org
Pitch Deadline for Issue 03: May 30, 2016
Selection Deadline: June 30, 2016

Don't wait until the last minute...tell us your story ...show us your work.

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