Judith Klinger
September 22, 2015

We've been following the competition at Fish 2.0 and we are astounded at the incredible diversity of ways people are tackling the issues surrounding our seafood.

In our current issue of W-E Digest, Monica Jain writes about Fish 2.0's seafood industry competition where innovators pitch their ideas to investors.   This week they announced that from a pool of 170 companies, 37 competitors have been invited to pitch their products on November 10-11 at Stanford University in California.

"The group is also notably international: only 17 businesses are based in the United States, including two that also have operations in Chile; six are in Canada; four are based in Latin America; five operate in the South Pacific; two are based in Europe; and three are in Southeast Asia." - Fish 2.0 newsletter.


  • Acadia Harvest, Maine (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Alaska Community Seafood Hub, Alaska (Wild Capture, Rights-Based Management)
  • Alfa Fishing, Vanuatu (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Blue Farms Hawaii, Hawaii (Aquaponics)
  • Bureo, California and Chile (Waste Reduction Innovation)
  • ENTOFOOD, Malaysia (Fish Feed)
  • Kampachi Farms, Mexico (Deep-Water Aquaculture)
  • Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust, California (Wild Capture, Rights-Based Management)
  • Pacific Ocean Culture, Fiji (Aquaculture)
  • PAFCO Fiji, Fiji (Supply Chain)
  • The RiverBox, Canada (Aquaculture Technology)
  • Salty Girl Seafood, California (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Sea Quest Group, Fiji (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • SmartFish, Mexico (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Swiss Alpine Fish, Switzerland (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Target Marine Hatcheries, Canada (Aquaculture Technology)
  • Taste of BC Grown-on-Land Steelhead Salmon, Canada (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • TimberFish Technologies, New York (Aquaculture Technology)


  • ARCAE, Costa Rica (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • FairAgora Asia, Thailand (Traceability)
  • Fiji Crab, Fiji (Aquaculture)
  • Geomar, Chile (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Great Bear Scallops, Canada (Deep-Water Aquaculture)
  • Green Innovative Biotechnology, Thailand (Waste Reduction, Aquaculture Technology)
  • GrowUp Urban Farms, UK (Aquaponics)
  • Healthy Earth Cortez, Florida (Wild Capture, Waste Reduction)
  • Kuterra, Canada (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • LoveWild Fish, Colorado (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • New Mexico Shrimp Co, New Mexico (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Off the Hook Seafood Hub, Canada (Supply Chain Innovation, Traceability)
  • ORCA, Alaska (Waste Reduction)
  • Pelagic Data Systems, California (Traceability)
  • Quixotic Farming Sustainable Tilapia, Missouri (Land-Based Aquaculture)
  • Same Day Seafood, California (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation)
  • Shellcatch, California and Chile (Traceability)
  • TRUfish, North Carolina (Traceability)
  • Village Fishmonger, New York (Wild Capture, Supply Chain Innovation).

Good luck to each and every one of the competitors!

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