Judith Klinger
March 14, 2016

Ugly fruit and food waste have been on World-Eats radar for quite awhile.

Those perfectly ripe red orbs, with their jaunty 4-leaf chapeaux, have to be the most uniformly gorgeous tomatoes I've ever seen. Don't you wonder...whatever happened to those tomatoes that didn't make the 'perfect' cut? Off with their chapeaux and into the sauce pot!

Now, it seems US grocery store chains are starting to smell a business opportunity and getting in on the ugly action. Whole Foods and Giant Eagle are officially selling less than perfect fruit and vegetables.
Fresh Lemons, Ugly Fruit
Part of me is thrilled this is catching on. The other part is sad we’re just now discovering that less than perfect produce still tastes good. Frankly, I like the option of picking up a few lemons of different sizes. Let me rephrase that. I need lemons of various sizes because I use them for different dishes or cocktails and you never need the same amount of juice.

Hopefully this is ushering in a moment where common sense might be starting to get a foothold. Ah. we can dream, right?

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